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Choosing a TT Club, you are always sure that you get:

Comprehensive insurance coverage
For more than 50 years of operation, TT Club has accumulated a unique experience of insurance in the field of transport and logistics, so the insurance coverage offered by the Club takes into account the full range of possible risks that transport operators have to face every day in their work.
Individual approach
TT Club does not sell "boxed" insurance products, but develops individual insurance conditions taking into account the specifics of each individual client's business. Thus, the client always receives only the amount of insurance protection that he really needs and that really works.
Assistance and recommendations to prevent losses from industry experts
TT Club pays special attention to risk management and analysis of existing loss trends in transport and logistics, regularly releasing various training materials and articles for its clients, information from which helps to minimize the risks that transport operators face every day. In preparing such materials, the Club actively cooperates with various associations and communities that have relevant experience and knowledge in the issues covered.
Global support for your business
TT Club's own offices in 20 countries, as well as a network of correspondents, surveyors and lawyers around the world mean that the Club's clients have the opportunity to receive qualified assistance and advice anywhere in the world – in the event of an insurance event, this will significantly minimize or even avoid possible losses.
Settlement of losses based on your interests
TT Club was created in order to pay losses – this principle is based on its work on the settlement of insurance cases, during which the Club is really on your side. Loss management specialists do not just analyze whether a particular event is insured or not from the point of view of the insurance rules – they provide full legal assistance and protection in cases where claims against the Club's clients are not justified at all or are simply overstated.
Integration of underwriting and claim work
TT Club's loss settlement specialists and underwriters work as a single team, and all the Club's clients and their brokers have regular contacts for issues related to both insurance terms and claims management.

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